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AMD Vs Intel, the battle of the giants

The last time I thought AMD VS Intel and had bought anything AMD was way back when they were selling the good old’ Raedon 8500 (2001) which supported my excellent AGP 4x motherboard slot and the AMD Athlon CPU were my go-to hardware choices. Ah! Those were the days, the days where video card drivers killed any hope of me displaying anything on my screen and the CPU ran so hot that I never was short of protein from the eggs I cooked on top of my case. They came with the latest Direct3D 8.1 and OpenGL 1.4, which were incredible feats of technology back then. This is, however, where my love for Intel and Nvidia began.

Over the next 18 years, I have been purchasing Nvidia, Asus, Samsung and Intel hardware, in the knowledge, that driver updates, heat management, stability and compatibility was refined and updated regularly. Look to be perfectly honest, and I only ever wanted to play my games without issues and at the high frame rates we expect from this hardware. My current gear is an Nvidia GTX 1060 and a Coffee Lake Intel i7 8700 and 12GB DDR4 which is more than enough for gaming at the moment.

Why AMD VS Intel now?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen AMD start to get the point of what they do and how it relates to what we do (game). That’s not trying to beat their competitors but rather to find out what their customers want, cheaper equipment that doesn’t cost the world. With that, they have finally surpassed the 10nm and headed straight to 7nm a big leap.

What that means for us is more efficient chips at a lower cost, the lower price is a big one, and I’ll explain why. Intel has dominated the market with amazing chips, but also amazingly expensive and have been able to do this because they had a monopoly on the market.

They had the monopoly because people like me had never tried their hardware again since back in 2001, once you have had that experience, you tend to stick with what you know. Reviews and experts all didn’t rate them highly because their benchmarks didn’t stir the nest, but with the latest chips, they have pushed past what we thought was possible within AMD.

You can see some of the latest benchmarks here and reviews from Linus, have come back quite favourably. It’s a big shift from what we’ve seen and I am excited to try them again.


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