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Google’s exciting new devices just announced

Google’s lineup of new devices today, was not completely leaked. There was still plenty to reveal today and we’re excited by their new devices.

Google Pixel 4 / 4XL

When we heard about the google phone and thought, oh cool another budget phone we were kind of right. Right in the fact that it’s a budget phone but it is by far a compromise on technology and craftsmanship. The new Pixel 4/4XL and come with a new technology we’ve seen before but not in a mainstream phone called Motion Sense, which google is terming “An evolved camera”.

The Motion Sense technology allows you to control your phone without touching in using gestures, this paired with the new Google Assistant, is the next generation of phone usage enhancements. You can now Squeeze your phone to activate the Google Assistant or just say “Hey Google…” to get your assistant to help out!

The Pixel 4 has a 5.7″ screen and the XL variant has a 6.3″ screen, which is quite a massive difference, whereas the footprint of the phones is around 10 – 13 mm bigger on all sides. The phone will cost $799 for the 5.7″ model and $899 for the 6.3″.

You can get all the tech specs from the official website here

Google Nest Mini

Look I know people everywhere are collectively sighing at a new version of the nest mini, and I might be one of them but Google has just released their next iteration of the device. They’re saying the device has 40% more bass than the previous model and improved voice recognition. You can do what you used to be able to do with your old device, such as set times, play music and interact with google home devices. At this moment, I would say it’s not enough for you to shell out the money to get the new model if you already have the previous iteration. Coming in at $49 it’s just an easy decision.

Google Nest Hub Max

The new device has a better sound system and 10″ display, which makes the device wider, but not taller. It also has the Nest cam built-in, some of which may not like the camera in their house, but some of the benefits outweigh the cost for the many. You can now give assignable tasks and reminders and it recognises who is looking at it to provide them with their customised home screen. Coming in at $229 it’s quite cheap for a smart device.

Google Pixel Buds

The new pixel buds are small lightweight, water-resistant and oh did I mention you can real-time translate using them? wow. They are only available to be on a waitlist at the moment as I think Google is trying to scope out the market for them before mass production.


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