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OnePlus 8T launch and a Smartwatch?

OnePlus held the launch event for the OnePlus 8T yesterday, with a new design and shape, and a $50 price increase over the OnePlus 8, now starting at $749 unlocked.

Specs Specs Specs

  • A 120Hz refresh rate screen, up from the previous 90Hz refresh rate.
  • On the cameras, there’s a new, higher-resolution macro sensor, and the addition of a monochrome sensor to round out the quad rear setup.
  • It also has a flatter screen, which is a big change from the more curved previous displays and builds and brings it closer to the iPhone 12 already.
  • You also get more RAM, more storage, more battery. All 8T models come with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, doing away with the lower tier options of 8GB/128GB.
  • The battery is up from 4,300mAh to 4,500mAh too.
  • Oh, and faster 65W charging, too.

The ‘T’ models from OnePlus have rarely been must-upgrades, if you already owned the previous model. For everyone else, there’s a new contender.

  • AA 8T review, from Ryan Thomas-Shaw, says there’s really no reason unless the flat display really really appeals.
  • The extra camera looks unnecessary. 
  • And one of the disappointments of the phone compared to the competition is the camera too, looking over-processed and just a touch off. OnePlus hasn’t really been able to nail a camera for some years now, although many just port the GCam mod app over, to use Google Pixel processing on an OnePlus device.

For everyone else, the OnePlus 8T is an interesting choice and likely to appeal even with the price jump.

  • It still has the performance and speed, and now with faster charging, while the higher refresh rate was at least starting from 90Hz, so it’s not a huge jump.
  • And the point was made that the OnePlus Nord is a better buy for many: “For half the price, you get a capable display, good battery life, okay camera, and solid speed.”
  • It’s going to remain a top near-flagship device. At $899, the OnePlus 8 Pro remains decently placed too, even if the 8T catches up in a few areas.

Also! Wow, a smartwatch is coming: OnePlus confirms a smartwatch is coming.

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