In the gaming world at the moment there are so many AAA titles coming out and so many games to play! It’s quite an exciting time in gaming, with the drop of games like APEX Legends, The Division 2, Anthem, Destiny 2, Battlefield V, Rage 2 and much more. You can feel a sense of “What do I play first?” or “Which friends of mine will play what with me?” and that can be overwhelming in itself.

To add more complexity to this, all of these companies have decided to create their own platform launchers for their games. I know when I start my computer up I get all my launchers starting as well, steam, origin, epic, ubisoft etc. I’ve decided that enough is enough and i’ve put a quick reference list of what is available on the main platforms below. Hopefully one day we will all be unified! Enjoy!

Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft ARGH! Platform saturation, what is on what?

Popular games on each platform

on each popular platform


Find them all at the Steam store:

Epic Games Store

Find more at Epic Games Store



Great thing about Blizzard is some or most of their games are free to play!


All at GOG


All with a Nitro subscription