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The Outer Worlds – Exciting new RPG

What better way to celebrate Fallout New Vegas 9 year anniversary with, what shaped up to be my favourite RPG, The Outer Worlds and quite possibly, a favourite game of the year. It’s made by Obsidian Games, the developers behind the aforementioned Fallout New Vegas along with Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2, South Park the Stick of Truth, and Pillars of Eternity.


  • Story-based RPG
  • No groundbreaking graphics
  • No groundbreaking combat
  • Available on all major platforms
  • Release date 25th October 2019

Why is it worth a try?

The Outer Worlds is a compartmentalised open-world RPG that focuses around player choice. If you enjoyed any of the Elder Scrolls or Fallout titles, you will adore The Outer Worlds. If you enjoy deep RPG adventures, you will love this game. If you value cutting edge graphics and fast-paced action with ingenious AI, you probably should pass on the outer worlds. This game isn’t a Call of Duty, or even Borderlands 3. In fact, it’s probably the antithesis of these titles in that there is less focus on the combat itself and more on giving the player the freedom to choose how they play.

If you enjoyed the Elder Scrolls or Fallout, you’ll love The Outer Worlds

– Dantics

You won’t be on the edge of your seat, using your wit or reflexes to overcome difficult enemies, no, the game isn’t about that. In fact, unless you play on the hard or supernova, combat will only be difficult if you haven’t built your character to handle it. Enemies engage you in a pretty standard manner, with little in the way of tactics. Which is fine because you will be facing mostly bandits, beasts, and mechanical foes. Combat exists as a barrier. What do I mean? Well let me give you an example that exists in the game, and doesn’t spoil the main story.

Gameplay? Oh, the choices!

Say you are tasked with disrupting the production of delicious pig tumours in a pig processing factory. The game gives you numerous ways to approach this task based on how you built your character. You could sneak your way in, using stealth to navigate around or assassinate the guards, lockpicking to get through doors in order to find the factories boss and jam a plasma hammer into his spine. You could go the route of James Bond, finding a disguise and walking through the factory on your charm and dialogue skills.

When approached about what you’re doing sneaking around you can talk your way out of the situation, and if fluent enough, even convince guards to leave. You can use your hacking skills to sabotage the factory, stopping production, mess around with shipping or finance details, or even turn the factories robot guards against them. When you find the boss you can negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement with your employer, or take a job from him to turn on your employer, or simply convince him to give up his factory. Heck, if your medical skill is high enough you can notice what he is actually doing and blackmail him.

You can invest heavily into your squad, and bringing the right team will mean you can do all of the above to some limited extent, like picking locks or hacking for example, as they boost your skill aptitude based on their own. Finally, you can simply go in guns blazing or weapons swinging.

So circling back to my original point, combat is one of the barriers to progression. The guards in that factory are a particular difficulty to take down. If you aren’t invested heavily in combat they won’t be a walk in the park and it might be best to avoid this barrier. If you’re invested in combat, then you’ve forgone your other options, so you might not be the best conversationalist, or great at picking locks. When I played through one particular part of the game with a balanced character, I found the combat a challenge, then playing it again with a 2h melee-focused bruiser with health investments I breezed through it.

The game lets you truly role play but you can never be the best at everything, you will need to make some hard choices when building your character. So if you value a combat-focused, high graphic fidelity game, or simply don’t like RPGs like fallout, hold back a purchase. If they don’t bother you, then keep listening because I am about to tell you the reasons why this game took me to another world.

What platforms is it available for?

You can play the outer worlds on PC, PS4, Xbox and soon to be Nintendo switch. So no need to purchase a new console to play, they’ve covered off all major platforms! YAY!

When is The Outer Worlds available?

It’s available from October 25th 2019, so gear up and grab it asap!

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