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Top 10 AMAZING RTS Games of all time

I know what the majority of you are thinking now; who plays RTS games anymore? They are nothing compared to RPGs or FPS games. Do you know what an RTS Games stands for? Well, first off, it stands for Real-Time Strategy game.

In layman’s terms, such games are closely connected to chess. As you would do in chess, you need to strategize to beat your opponent carefully. Typically in RTS games, you would be controlling an army of units (similar to the idea of chess) and trying to beat the army of your opponent. Most individuals underestimate RTS gamers. You see, people need to plan out carefully the things they need to do for a surefire victory in RTS games. Apart from that, they need to organize an army and determine how and where to put them.

RTS games explore races, space, and time

For example, you will find a game created by Blizzard known as StarCraft. It happens in a space setting where you have a monster, human, and alien races duking out for survival. In case you didn’t know yet, an RTS gamer would choose a race and ensure they’re the last one standing in the game. You will find numerous professional RTS gamers out there for StarCraft, who knows how everything works throughout the game.

Do you want to know the best RTS games of all time? The best-sought game studios are Westwood, Blizzard and Relic have motivated the planet in creating and storytelling. Hence, they influenced the quality of movements. Nevertheless, allow me to present to you the top ten of the best RTS games ever made in history!

1. World in Conflict (Buy it now)

This game has a very one-of-a-kind flexibility, choice, mission design, as well as performance on ways to continue with the game activity. One of the best things about this RTS game is that it involves the player by making you feel like a big part of the realm of conflict.

The World in Conflict is the most recognized game because there’s no real base building or economic development where the major focus is supervising the ground and utilize the units effectively. Technically speaking, I would consider this strategy game to be a real-time tactics game instead of an RTS.

World in Conflict

2. WarCraft 3 (Buy it now)

WarCraft 3 had massive shoes to fill as the third title in Warcraft and sequel to the hugely sought-after Warcraft. They did so by adding an actual narrative, which put to shame only about every other recent RTS on the market.

Did you know that it was the first RTS game to feature the main character as who could equip and level up items? In short, RPG elements. This game was able to follow the stories of Tyrande Whisperwnd, Thrall, and Arthas as they crossed across the lands of Azeroth in the lead of armies of night elves, orcs, and humans.

Recently Blizzard revealed their “Warcraft 3: Reforged” re-release of the game, which has now become the butt of jokes and ridicule with it being called “Warcraft 3: Refunded”. See the review below.

3. StarCraft 2 (Buy it now)

Heart of the Swarm and Wings of Liberty happened after the events of the original and first Starcraft. This RTS game is the sequel to the game that most gamers recognized as one of the best real-time strategies of all time. Heart of the Swarm is the expansion pack of Starcraft 2 that sees the inclusion of different new gameplay mechanics. This game deserves its position on our list.

All missions in this game have a twist. For instance, you might visit the corpse of the Overmind. In another mission, you need to escape from a massive wall of fire. Side missions always matter here, which guides you to specialize in your tech and units outside of combat.

4. Red Alert (Buy it now)

Red Alert is the not-quite follow-up to Command & Conquer. It is not even held in a similar universe. As an alternative, we are provided with a Cold War-themed setting in which Hitler never rose to power due to Einstein. The genius made the decision to shake hands with the dictator before he rose to power and stub him out from the world.

Probably, the Soviets develop a war machine bigger than anything Hitler could have predicted and staged the invasion of Europe. This RTS game is divided across two discs. It enables you to define two versions of the story based on which arm you plan to control.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert Review

5. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (Buy it on Steam)

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is a prequel, which held in the events leading up to Homeworld. A planet is weakening, and the only salvation of its inhabitants is an antique and shadowy abandoned spaceship seen in the desert.

In this prologue, you take on the role of the scientist who leads a mission into the unforgiving and harsh deserts of Kharak to save an old item, which will come to be the redemption of your people.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Review

6. Homeworld (Buy it on Steam)

This is one of the most epic stories that has ever told in the history of games. Did you know that Homeworld is one and very first of its kind? It’s a space RTS happening in three dimensions. The game conveys a story regarding a race of humans in the far-flung future who found a buried alien spaceship in the desert of their planet.

This might be a decade-old game, but Homeworld is the game that StarCraft should defeat to become the highest-scoring sci-fi RTS game of all time. Actually, a lot of PC gamers consider this one as one of the best games ever produced. Big thanks to its 3D graphics, great soundtrack, compelling story, and exquisite gameplay.

7. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (Buy it on Steam)

Did you know that this RTS game launched two of the most fun actions and interesting RTS in gaming? They launched the Tau and the Necrons, which are a member of the Warhammer 40,000 lineup. With the start locations of every faction, you could get such personalization in numerous orders. What’s more, you can utilize war gear to your preferred leader as your progress.

8. Emperor: Battle for Dune (Get it now)

Westwood used the Command and Conquer formula and adapted in the campiness of the 1984 Dune film. In case you didn’t know yet, the game offers you a risk-style territory map. This is where you ought to fight two AI Houses for control of the planet Arrakis.

Moreover, this real-time strategy game throws in story-progression expeditions each couple of levels to offer you a break from the remorseless dessert.

Emperor: Battle for Dune

9. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault (Buy it on Steam)

This particular RTS game conveys a story of the Battle of the Bulge. This is shared through the eyes of the four commanders. All of these commanders have their own personality and backstory that you see mirrored in the forces of the playable leaders.

I find the armies quite appealing. However, it is the stunning depth and uncompromising challenge of the Ardennes Assault meta-layer map, which makes it unique.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

10. Battle Realms (Buy it on Steam)

Battle Realms was released in the past years, featuring a series of cool systemic twists. In fact, you could level up peasants to any combat unit, use one resource to reload another, upgrade systems via the yin and yang system, or switch units between melee and ranged combat.

The RTS game is not as refined as some of the others seen in this list. However, the formula still felt fresh in 2018. I love how Battle Realms offer you option over the scenario and territory you take on next.

Battle Realms


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