Top 10 crazy side missions to play in Borderlands 3

Playing Borderlands 3 I went straight for story mode and put my blinders on and played through the main missions. However, there is masses of content to do on the side quest wagon. In this article, I’ll list about the top side quests you should do in Borderlands 3 if you want to play it through slowly or you’re revisiting after completing the main game!

Pandora side missions

Quest nameZoneRewardsWhy do this?
Buff Film BuffDevils RazorOh! Hi Vault
Tommy Wisau like, why not!
The Feeble and the
Devils Razor7890 XP
Quick XP, just kill
the old man!

Promethea side missions

Quest nameZoneRewardsWhy do this?
Kill KillavoltLectra City$1000+
Legendary item
Legendary item duh! + Super fun!
Opposition researchSkywell-27$1,736+
3,859+ XP
Legendary Weapon Trinket: Stink Eye
Legendary item and XP farming
Trial of DisciplineMedian Outskirts$4,257
2,725 XP.
XP Farming

Eden-6 side missions

Quest nameZoneRewardsWhy do this?
Trial of FervorJakobs Estate and Sky drowned Pulpit$3,394
2,462 XP.
XP Farming
Trial of InstinctFloodmoor Basin and Wayward Tether$4,768
2,861 XP
XP Farming
Rumble in the
Terradome$$$Monkey VS

Nekrotafeyo side missions

Quest nameZoneRewardsWhy do this?
It’s AliveDesolation’s Edge$5,392
Legendary Shield
7,890 XP
Derr the legendary
Trial of supremecyDesolation’s Edge$26,704
2,999 XP
Super cool!

If a side mission isn’t available it will mean you need to complete or talk to someone before you can access it.

Some from our Reddit friends

  • Don’t truck with Eden-6 – Reward is a guaranteed purple masher – Thanks HYPERBOLE_TRAIN
  • Pandora quest “Life of the party” you get a legendary pistol – Thanks HYPERBOLE_TRAIN


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