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Weekly Roundup (Oct 18 2020)

Like every week, here is our weekly roundup for the week ending October 18 2020

Microsoft and Gamestop

Microsoft will give GameStop a share of Xbox’s digital revenues, which is, I think, unprecedented. And proves that physical retail is important enough that even Microsoft feels compelled to support it. We don’t know the magnitude of GameStop’s cut, either. (Ars Technica).

Google finally cans hangouts

Google is finally going to close out Hangouts sometime in 2021. Chat will become Hangouts. Chat is part of Gmail. Hangouts disappears. We …think? (Android Authority).

iPhone 12 Benchmarks are out and it’s dubious

Early iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro AnTuTu benchmarks are at odds with Apple’s claims for the A14 Bionic. Better, yes, but not 50% better? Will wait for more official benchmarks (

Google search is getting new AI

Google Search is getting new AI tools to decipher your terrible spelling (The Verge).

Twitters new Hacked Materials policy

Twitter updates its ‘Hacked Materials’ policy after NY Post controversy (Engadget).

Samsung mocks apple (what’s new)

Samsung mocks Apple’s lack of charger, but how long until it backpedals? (Android Authority).

Playstation 5 UI is revealed

Sony gives in-depth look at PlayStation 5 UI in new video. 11 minutes of menus would normally not be interesting, but Sony’s new interface is much busier than the sparse PS4 (The Verge).

Japanese desk tent is not so win

I cannot in good faith recommend this Japanese desk tent”. The video is the kind of deadpan dry humor I needed (Gizmodo).

Old faithful and global warming

Old Faithful might not survive global warming (Earther).

Working conditions in Ring’s call center

The dire working conditions for Ring’s call center employees in the Philippines (NBC).


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